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Network coding is a technique that can significantly improve the performance of network communicaiton and computation. Originated in information theory, network coding has propagated to various fields in science and engineering, including channel coding, wireless communications, computer networks, switching theory, cryptography, data storage, and distributed computing. In mathematics, network coding has interacted with graph theory, matroid theory, optimization theory, and game theory. In physics, quantum network coding is studied, and in biology, linear network coding has been used for modeling intracelluar communication.

Network Coding Lab

Network Coding Lab (NCLab, 网络编码实验室) at CUHK(SZ) conduct advanced theoretical and applied researches in network coding. The current research of NCLab focuses on network information processing, including storage, communication and computation. NCLab is also developing netwok coding enabled Internet of Things (IoT) systems. NCLab is in close collaboration with the Institute of Network Coding (INC) at CUHK.

Our Team

Shenghao Yang

Assistant Professor, CUHK(SZ)

Raymond W.H. Yeung

Choh-Ming Li Professor of Information Engineering, CUHK

Kenneth Shum

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