About me

I work as Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK(SZ)).

Hiring at both CUHK(SZ) and SRIBD

  • PhD students
    • We encourage students with strong math background and engineering interests to apply our PhD program.
    • Tuition fee covered (95,000/year) for 4 years, monthly salary 5000 RMB (with research and teaching duties).
    • CUHK degree, flexible research directions, and International academic environment.
  • Postdoctors
    • We welcome fresh PhD graduates with background in areas related to information sciences.
    • Competitive salary package (including 300,000RMB government supports, subject to qualification)
    • 2 year contracts.
  • Research Assistants/Engineers
    • We are hiring software engineers focusing on network protocol, cloud/edge computing, and smart driving, and hardware engineers on underwater acoustic networks.
    • Competitive salary, flexible working hours.
    • Challenging engineering and research issues.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants
    • Hand-on projects: undergraduates with programming (c/c++ preferred) experience.
    • Theoretical research: strong math background (in particular probability, linear algebra and (better) analysis).

The above positions available year-round. Please contact me for more information.